What you need to know

There are several pre-requisites you need before riding with us ...

A Helmet - a little obvious maybe but we do get riders turning up without a lid.... mountain biking IS a dangerous sport, people DO fall off, people get hurt. Protect your head.
Good lights - weekly Wednesday club rides require a good front light. There's no street lighting where we ride and something that will illuminate the trail is required rather than a "to been seen" LED commuting light. A "normal" small red rear light is required for the road sections we use between trails.
Regarding lights ..... especially helmet lights, please try not to shine them in peoples eyes, especially when you're talking to them.
Basic spares - PLEASE come armed with rudimentary spares to keep you up and running..... usually an inner tube and a simple multitool will get you home.
Appropriate clothing - look outside and check the forecast before leaving home ..... jeans are not good for cycling in. You don't need lycra either, but get some cycling specific clothing, and waterproofs, and gloves, and shoes.....
Food and drink - try and eat something an hour or two before a ride, it makes a huge difference. And bring something to drink on the ride, be it in a bottle or a Camelbak.
Check the Facebook events page before you set off - there's a post for EVERY ride we do.... it's where all the arrangements are made. Whilst the vast majority of our rides set off from The Bell, sometimes we ride from other start points, to add variety.
Make sure your bike is in working order BEFORE you leave - simple.
Speak up - if you're struggling, or have a mechanical, or just need a breather SAY SO ..... we don't mind helping out but we're not mind readers. Some of the guys carry a whistle, they work really well if you get detached from the group or if you have to stop...
Don't ride at the back..... new riders tend to gravitate to the back of the pack.... don't. Try and stay mid pack, (we'll put a 'sweeper' at the back), and you'll be sort of pulled along by the group. If you wait for the 'fast guys' to head off, you're instantly putting yourself at a disadvantage. Start off as soon as the group starts moving and stay a few riders behind the ride leader. Be honest and realistic about your abilities, that way, we can try and ensure you get the best ride possible, which, afterall, is what it's all about!
Try and learn the routes - it really makes riding them better.
Subs - no-one likes paying them but it keeps the club running. It's 15 a year. This pays for the website fees & forum hosting, it allows the club to pay for artwork for t-shirts and cycling clothes, we buy kit we use at events like Event Shelters, flags & flag poles, banners etc. It also pays for the club to be Affiliated to the CTC which then gives us all 3rd party insurance. One stipulation of this insurance is that if you've ridden more than 3 times with the club you HAVE to be a paid up member of the club, else it invalidates the insurance.
Know who's around you - and keep an eye out for them. Talk to each other. If you're near the back and you had someone behind you, and now they're not there, SHOUT, they could be in trouble.
Bring a few quid , we normally stop for an apres ride beer or two in The Bell !