What a bunch of Members!

Craig fairly well runs the club now, great bloke. Don't be afraid to tell him to slow down! Out all the time, leading rides and keeping stuff going. He's the main man.

Tony is a seriously quick rider and well respected in the club, and has really stepped up in helping run the club, leading rides and generally being a great bloke ! !

Kevin, a tenacious bugger, we've given this fellow so much grief yet he keeps coming back. Fixing bikes ain't his forte, breaking them is. Leads the Kenilworth rides. Is actually a good bloke, just don't let him know we think so ...

Richard Minty Upton
It's Minty. Great bloke, enjoys a beer, music and a laugh :)

One of our 2nd generation GT'ers. Dan has ridden with the club for years, and now leads rides. Quite a testement to the club really. He's keen and quick and good on a team, pairs or solo.

Matt on the new Cannock route
This is Matt, AKA Reaper in full flight on the Phase 2 stuff at Cannock .... April 2010 .... As there is no-one else in sight, presumably he's done his usual trick of forcing everyone to fall off already. Be Warned !!!

Martin, in Tournai, Belgium.
El Presidente ..... it's all my fault. Less involved following a move to Ludlow, I still keep an eye on the rowdy rabble. Interested in Bikepacking, Singlespeeding and generally faffing about on a bike.

Steve Day
Not a real person. Steve Day has to be mostly machine. The clubs greatest asset, multi-time World Endurance Singlespeed Champion, nicest fella you could ever hope to meet.

Mike is an allround top bloke. Attends loads of events, puts a lot into the club and gets a lot out. One hell of a drinker too! Caught in his usual pose, Strongbow in hand.