A 'real world' mountain bike club

August 2020. With the current Covid-19 restrictions, the Club is trying to follow the Social Distancing guidelines as much as possible, including taking smaller groups as required. Please bear with us and be sensible. PLEASE, DO NOT turn up for a ride if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 including high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss of smell or taste. Stay safe.

Godiva Trailriders is a 'real world' mountain bike club based in Coventry, England. The club is aimed at the enthusiast more than the elite. Saying that, we are home to the triple World Endurance Mountain Bike Organization (WEMBO) World Singlespeed Champion, Steve Day!

GT's own Steve Day wins WEMBO in New Zealand

"GT's own Steve Day wins WEMBO in New Zealand, 21st February 2016 "

Wow, it's 2020 and the club is in its 16th year. The club is still active and hoping to expand.

We're an XC club in reality, though this covers a broad spectrum. Days, or weekends, out in Wales, Cotswolds or the Peak District are popular, as is Bikepacking and Singlespeeding. We also take part in a variety of races, some serious, some less so, and have been known to travel all across Europe to participate in the European Single Speed Championships. We usually field teams in Mountain Mayhem and are open to trying anything once.... almost anything!!

Coventry, whilst admittedly not exactly the mountain biking centre of the universe, does have some pretty interesting rides. The way we see it, we have to make the most of what we've got and, most importantly, it's supposed to be fun.

The Club is more for "Enthusiastic Intermediates". To get the most out of our rides, a reasonable level of fitness and experience is necessary. A typical Wednesday Night Ride is 15 - 20 miles mostly offroad. However, we've all been beginners and know that learning is the hard part. We're happy to welcome keen & enthusiastic riders who're willing to learn and join in.

Our riders mainly come from Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Hinckley, Kenilworth and Nuneaton.

A thick skin really helps (and it's not just for the nettles and thorns!!), as does the ability to rip the pish out of people and laugh at your own failings!

If you fancy getting out and riding with us, our Facebook group is easy to find, join the forum by emailing me, check the Rides & Events section, and jump right in. Our usual meeting place is The Bell on Bennetts Road South, Coventry.

We reckon you may just enjoy it.

GT annual Day After Boxing Day Ride December 2015

"GT annual Day After Boxing Day Ride December 2015"